Miya on Social Media

Have you had a chance to check out our Instagram feed?  We have two accounts actually – @miyacompany is the company’s main account with product images from us and from our customers and retailers.   We love to see how everyone uses our products!  They’re not just for sushi and noodles!  Although we won’t hate you if you use it for your favorite Japanese food…

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Our second Instagram account is @ms.mooniverse.  This one is my account that I use for a little behind-the-scenes at Miya, our family business.  Just getting started on this one but if you’ll join me, I hope we’ll have a lot of fun together!


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I’m Calling the Spelling Police!

I'm Calling the Spelling Police!

We always chuckle about signs or packaging in Japan that have some off crazy English on it and wonder, doesn’t anyone proof these things before they are printed? And then I walked into a local wine & spirits store here in NJ and I see this. sorry Japan – I guess we do it too….



What do you do on a snow day after a long day of sledding? It’s a family crepe party! We’re still working on our plating… But the crepe will be wrapped and then really, how it tastes is the only thing that counts! Strawberries, bananas, nutella, and sour cream mixed with a little sugar on top of crepes hot off the pan. That’s good stuff. Looking for more crepe filling recipes!