Origami Workshop

We had such a great turn out for our first Origami Crane Workshop!  Since we started adding strings of origami cranes to the window display in our shop, we often get requests to hold a workshop to learn how to make that iconic origami crane.

We finally did it!  As part of Palmer Square’s Creating the Holiday Magic workshop series, we decided to participate with a session to learn how to make origami cranes, stars, and boxes.  We never made it to the boxes but I hope everyone enjoyed making the cranes and stars.


The best part of having family business is that I can make my family come help!  Bob and our three girls came out to walk around and provide some one-on-one help (and emotional support) for anyone that needed a little extra help.


Origami may seem difficult at first but as with everything else, it just takes practice!   Get some square paper, find instructions on YouTube and get to it!  It’s quite therapeutic and it keeps little (and big) hands busy.  They are great as ornaments or string them up and use as garlands.  It’s a fun DIY project for the whole family.