Mobile Retail

Nope, I am not referring to what retail can do on smartphones!  I ran across an article about Glee Gifts, a “boutique on wheels,” the brainchild of Ann Foley-Collins, who used to have a brick and mortar store.

They don’t carry our products so I can’t be accused of favoritism but it’s an interesting concept nevertheless – like the Union Square holiday market in NYC but traveling around Massachusetts in a bright green and purple truck.  Which made me wonder how great that would be to travel all over the trip-state area visiting small towns and large cities selling our wares.  I guess it is not a new concept.  Caps For Sale, anyone?  But in the world of online shopping, it’s a interesting and charming idea.  You can find their story here at


Miya on Social Media

Have you had a chance to check out our Instagram feed?  We have two accounts actually – @miyacompany is the company’s main account with product images from us and from our customers and retailers.   We love to see how everyone uses our products!  They’re not just for sushi and noodles!  Although we won’t hate you if you use it for your favorite Japanese food…

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Our second Instagram account is @ms.mooniverse.  This one is my account that I use for a little behind-the-scenes at Miya, our family business.  Just getting started on this one but if you’ll join me, I hope we’ll have a lot of fun together!


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