Kenta Got CupNapped…

I came into work on Wednesday and thought things looked a little odd….

Then I get an email with this picture:

Image 6Seems my poor Kenta the Sumo Cup has been cupnapped to San Francisco….  By none other than my (once) loyal assistant, Yoko.  I just hope United has cushioned cup holders!

Then today, I get this – which I can only assume is to garner a ransom.

Image 3
Kenta at the California Academy of Science Museum.

Yoko tells me that he almost cried when she forced him to take a picture with this dreaded tarantula.  Yoko, you’re killing me!!

But all is good as she is good to Kenta and feeds him well at Dottie’s True Blue Cafe or so it seems!  Is she just taunting my little sumo with all of this delicious food???!!!  I only see two plates – one for Yoko and the other for her meddling boyfriend…

ImageImage 2 Image 1And then, in a twist of events, Yoko apologizes to Kenta for terrorizing him with the tarantula and buys him some Kuzumochi at the Japanese Tea Garden by the Golden Gate Bridge.

Image 4I believe he will be home soon…..


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