CPR AED Training for the Staff at Miya

Our fearless leader, Bob, had a pretty frightening experience a couple of weeks back.  He regularly plays basketball at an open gym in our town with other guys in the neighborhood.  It was business as usual a couple of weeks ago when one of the guys collapsed just five minutes into a game.

Most of the guys didn’t know what to do.  They pulled out their phones to call 911 but this guy needed help.  He wasn’t breathing.

Luckily, one of Bob’s friends knew CPR.  He quickly grabbed the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and got to work.  He administered CPR for 15 minutes until the paramedics came.  Bob felt helpless while this was happening but he was impressed with his friend’s quick thinking and action.  The paramedics thought that Bob’s friend saved this guy’s life.

So when we decided that we would put Health and Wellness as one of our company’s core values, Bob called his friend, Bob Stickel, at LifeSavers Inc.  LifeSavers is a training center with classes in CPR, Defibrillation, and First Aid.   Because health and wellness becomes rather useless if you’re dead.

They sent one of their wonderful trainers, Maryann, to our office and we all participated in a CPR AED training session.  Now we are all certified to administer CPR.  And we have an AED in our office just in case.  Knock on wood that we never need to but we should all be ready if we do.

Thank you LifeSavers!



Kenta Got CupNapped…

I came into work on Wednesday and thought things looked a little odd….

Then I get an email with this picture:

Image 6Seems my poor Kenta the Sumo Cup has been cupnapped to San Francisco….  By none other than my (once) loyal assistant, Yoko.  I just hope United has cushioned cup holders!

Then today, I get this – which I can only assume is to garner a ransom.

Image 3
Kenta at the California Academy of Science Museum.

Yoko tells me that he almost cried when she forced him to take a picture with this dreaded tarantula.  Yoko, you’re killing me!!

But all is good as she is good to Kenta and feeds him well at Dottie’s True Blue Cafe or so it seems!  Is she just taunting my little sumo with all of this delicious food???!!!  I only see two plates – one for Yoko and the other for her meddling boyfriend…

ImageImage 2 Image 1And then, in a twist of events, Yoko apologizes to Kenta for terrorizing him with the tarantula and buys him some Kuzumochi at the Japanese Tea Garden by the Golden Gate Bridge.

Image 4I believe he will be home soon…..

Attention all online retailers!  Have you heard the latest feature for Pinterest Business?  It’s called “Rich Pins” and you can pin a product and add very important information such as the retail price, if it is in stock and then add a link to your website!

So, for instance, if you wanted to pin, say, a Miya product and then link it directly back to your online store, not only would you get the repins from the people who like the product but you’ll probably get some traffic to your website and make a sale or two!  Easy peasy!  And the service is free….

Check out this article about it from Social Media Hat.

And check out Miya’s Pinterest Page!

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