There certainly is a lot to be thankful for this season.  Hurricane Sandy became public enemy number 1 and made us realize how grateful we should be for the little conveniences that we take for granted.

We were very lucky that we sustained minimal damage especially since many people in the tri-state area are still without power or even homes.  We only lost power for one week and although it seemed like it was a tragedy at the time as we were not able to run a business, ship orders or even keep warm, it was very much just an inconvenience for us.  We had no flooding, no damage to the building or our homes and we still had water and gas to cook up hot meals.

After Hurricane Irene last year, we thought for sure Sandy would not be as bad as they were saying.  Everything was fine until Monday evening when the power went out at home.  Our power goes out frequently but this time, we saw 2 bluish green flashes in the sky from our window.  Aliens?  the end of the world??  or worse, power transformers blowing up???!!!   Yes, it was the transformers.  The wind was so strong that it felt like the windows were going to shatter.  Many of our neighbors told me that they slept in their basements that night fearing that the worst.

In the morning, we assessed that only a few trees had fallen, a part of our fence had been broken and there was some roofing material that had come off but overall, it was minimal.  We didn’t even realize the extent of the damage in the tri-state area as we had no access to the world outside of our town.

We learned that everyone from Miya was safe but that we had all lost power.  We were able to get some news from our smart phones that lower NYC had flooded, parts of Staten Island and Queens (my home borough!), most of the Jersey Shore, parts of Long Island and Connecticut were all a mess.  We stopped grumbling about our problems when we realized how good we actually had it.

By Wednesday, we thought, we had to do something – we were going to fall behind on all our orders since we could not pick, pack or ship anything.  Rich, our UPS driver, was driving his route with an empty truck since all the businesses in the area were closed.  So, we contacted the warehouse staff to come in to help try and figure this out.  They worked by the open overhead doors in the warehouse as their source of light.  It was cold but they were troopers.  We were able to find flashlights that fit around the back of the neck so that it was like having car headlights.  We didn’t go the coal-miner-light-around-the-head route although that would have been fun to see.

After 9 days, Miya was fully operational again with lights, heat, and most importantly, internet connection!  Our customers were wonderfully understanding of all this craziness that delayed all of our shipments.

So yes, we are extremely thankful this year that we were able to make it through relatively unscathed.  We realize what a blessing it is to have good people all around us – our staff, our customers and our community.  Thank you to all of you who reached out to us to see how we were doing!   Every year, we try to make a donation to a worthy cause and this year, we have made our donation to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy Relief.

We wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!   We hope you all have a chance to spend some quality time with your friends and family this holiday season.

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