We love seeing all the beautiful products that come out of Japan. As much as we would love to import everything we love, it’s not always possible.  So, I thought this would be a good forum to introduce some of the great things we come across.

We met the people behind Kirico at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair at the Javits Center in May.  They have beautiful products made from Paulownia trees.  Aside from the products being as well made as they are, they are also made from a sustainable wood called Paulownia.  According to their intro on the ICFF site, “Kirico (Kiri+Eco) specializes in using a Japanese traditional material, Paulownia wood, in the design of modern furniture. Because Paulownia trees grow in only 15 years, the wood has a reputation as an environmentally friendly material. This chair, which is made from Paulownia wood without any waste, may be the most eco-friendly chair in the world.”


The wood is lightweight, soft and warp-resistant.  The tree is also know as the “princess tree” as it was planted upon the birth of a baby girl and then used to make chest as a wedding present when she married.  It is extremely fast growing and it is able to regenerate once the tree has been harvested.  It is being used around the world to help with reforestation.  It’s a pretty big deal in the tree community….

Kirico also uses the Paulwonia wood to design interiors and create home accessories.



But not only does the Paulownia wood have all these great qualities, the Paulownia is part of the official government seal of Japan. In fact, it is even incorporated into the design of the official emblem of the Japanese Prime Minister.


The leaves of the Paulownia plant here, the 5-7-5 design of the leaves represent the democratically elected representatives of the Japanese Government.  Is there anything this tree can’t do??!!

For more information about Kirico and their beautiful products, please check the ICFF website.

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