Mr. Sumo Cup

I have this teacup on my desk.  It was a sample from a while ago that we never carried (even though I really really wanted to).  It’s actually a known fact around here that whenever we look at samples to add to our product line, I usually give something the kiss of death when I proclaim it to be a future best seller.  I used to think I was good at it but clearly, I am not.


ImageBut Mr. Sumo has been on my desk for years and every time I look at him, it makes me smile.  It could be the expression on his face.  It could be the way he’s holding his hands up as if he’s saying, “Whoa, now!  Take it easy!” It could be that he’s wearing a fundoshi (diaper/loin cloth-like panties he has to wear to work) which could make anyone giggle.  Or it might quite possibly be my odd attraction to all things made to look like sumo.  Actual sumo themselves don’t do anything for me.  Things made to look like sumo, that cracks me up.   Is that wrong?

So I’ve decided that perhaps Mr. Sumo needs to make it off my desk once in a while cause let’s face it, we’re not getting any younger.  I’m a little torn since he is my only sample and if something should ever happen to him, I might actually cry.  So I have to be careful.  Wish me luck.

My ulterior motive is that if I can get enough people to say how much they love Mr. Sumo, I might be able to convince Bob to invest in a mold to bring him back to life.   It seems the original factory that made this cup is either no longer around or has disposed of the mold.  So we have to start from scratch if I really want him.  And since my track record of predicting the best sellers is atrocious, I need some real people to agree with me.  I figure, if I put him in pretty situations and Instagram him (username: miyacompany) and then also Pinterest him, he may look like a superstar. 


Here he is standing in front of a K. Nishijima print of a Kyoto street that I bought for Bob in Tokyo.  He misses home…  But then he reconsiders, saying, “whoa, now!  take it easy!  Sure, I miss Japan and all, but don’t pack me up and put me back on that boat all the way back!  That’s cray cray!!”  Okay, he probably wouldn’t use the term “cray cray” but it’s definitely what he’s thinking. 

Keep an eye out for Mr. Sumo Cup!  And let me know if you like him! 



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