Michio Ihara

from: http://www.rockefellercenter.com/art-and-history/art/light-and-movement/

I came across an article in the Japan Times this morning about Michio Ihara.  His quote from the article was very interesting:

“Asked if traditional Japanese designs inspire him, Ihara said he has ‘always consciously tried not to bring Japan to the surface’ of his mind, so if viewers detect Japan in his works, it is only because it exists in him ‘naturally.'”  Is this the equivalent of “you can take the girl out of the Bronx but you can’t take the Bronx out of the girl”?  except more tastefully said, I suppose!  I’m from Queens, myself, so I know what that’s all about!

Back to art…

If you have been to the International Building at Rockefeller Center, you may have seen Michio Ihara’s beautiful wall installation called Light and Movement.  His work can be found in many public buildings and spaces around the world.


From the Rockefeller Center website:

“Nelson Rockefeller, a great patron of modern art, commissioned this sculpture in 1978 to update and enhance the lobby area of the International Building.  Although each element is unique alone, together the ten units are a single work of art, creating a haze of light that lessens the cold steel and stone of the modern lobby and entrance.  It involves nearly sixteen hundred rectangular metal leaves with gold patinas individually attached to vertical stainless-steel cables.  The sculptures embody the essentials of reflected light and movement, two qualities typical of Ihara’s work.”

Ihara has a new sculpture in Central Boston called, “Wind, Wind, Wind” which he says, “When the sun shines on this, it creates a very good effect.” (from Japan Times article)


Beautiful pieces that are worth a visit next time you are in NYC or Boston!  Send us a picture if you’re there!