Don’t Call it a Comeback!

As I’m trying to find some interesting images for our Pinterest boards, I thought it would be fun to put up some pictures from our “Archives” (read: dusty supply closet).  This first picture is from our catalog from 1972.

I think we could bring this look back!  Look at the hair!  Look at the bedroom eyes!  I’m not sure when “hapi” coat became a “happy coat” (probably when this very attractive woman had it on) but I believe the correct term has reversed back to a “hapi” coat.  It’s all about Peace and Love, baby.    I would love to hear about anyone who might have actually bought this!  And can I buy it back??!!

These pretty mugs were in the 1975 catalog.  I really think we could sell these today!  I especially love E-408 (5th row down, last mug).  I’m a sucker for florals on blue.

This next picture is seriously something that can sell today.

We had a whole box of these still in the warehouse about a year ago and I was convinced we could sell them.  I mean, really, terrariums are all over the place!  and it’s acrylic!  What’s cooler than acrylic?  Ghost Chair, anyone?  But Bob thought I was crazy and he may have removed the box from the premises in case I wanted to act on my instincts.  Too bad.  The geniuses were always called crazy….

Which of these do you think could make a comeback?