Thanksgiving Contest!

Please send us a picture of our products in action from your Thanksgiving Feast!

Please post a picture on our Facebook page (  or email it to Put your cranberry sauce in one of our bowls, put your string beans on a Miya platter or have your pumpkin pie on one of our dishes! You can use one of our smaller plates to hold your pillar candles as part of your centerpiece!

Or if you don’t have any of our products at home (why would this be??!!) you can still participate! Just incorporate some Japanese food into your Thanksgiving spread and send us that picture! Why not? Miso soup can be good with turkey! Kabocha is a pumpkin too! You can still win!

The prize? This cute rice bowl and soup bowl set pictured here. It’s one of our most popular items and you can have it for free! (A $40 value)

We will be posting all the pictures online here and on Facebook. Good luck! We will pick a winner on Tuesday, November 28th so get your pictures in before then! Spread the word and don’t forget to “Like” our Facebook page!


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