I just want to know why….
WHY?!! and WHO??!!

Talk about Curry in a Hurry!

I love Japanese curry.  Almost as much as my brother who devours it.  We used to call him Goldfish because of his curry addiction.  We heard somewhere that goldfish will eat and eat if there is food in front of them until they die because they don’t have any reflexes to tell them they are full.  Not sure if this is true or not, never researched it but it just makes us laugh.

Anyway, I love curry as much as the next guy but I look at this picture of perfectly good curry put in a dish that is shaped like a squat toilet and I can’t imagine ever craving curry again.  This image may stop actual goldfish from eating their own food.  I’m definitely showing my brother.

Japan is fun and a little kooky.

Kosui Series

Choosing a favorite design from our collection is like choosing a favorite child.  You can’t do it (well, you can, but you can’t really tell other people or they will think you are a terrible parent).

But one of our most popular series is the Kosui Series.  It’s been part of our product line for many many years but still manages to find their way into the hearts of new buyers everywhere.

The series is named for its color.  “Ko” is lake in Japanese.  You’ll find that names of lakes in Japan end in “-ko.”  For example, Lake Nojiri in Nagano Prefecture is called “Nojiri-ko.”  “Sui” means water.   The inspiration for the color of the series came from the color of a lake in the mountains.  Ko-sui = Lake Water.


The artisan behind this series is named Katsuro Takai.  He began the company which is now headed by his son, Hidenobu Takai.  Another family business!


The bisque is first made in a mold which is covered with a thin brown glaze.  Then the artisan sprays the green color glaze in the center and then edges the plate with another dark brown glaze.   The plate then goes into the kiln at about 1200 degrees celcius.  The result is a serene gorgeous piece that provides a nice backdrop to your favorite food.


Perfect to use for votive candles in your bathroom. The larger plate acts as a tray for the smaller square dishes that hold the votive candles.

The color of this series, as well as the Cobalt Blue made by the same company, has also captured the imagination of our bath accessories customers.  Many of the shapes and sizes are perfect for candles and soaps and blend nicely with bathroom designs.  I’ve even heard that they inspired the types of tiles chosen in bathroom renovations!


Enjoy the Takai family’s Kosui Collection!  Let us know how you like to use it!