Miya Logo

We’re trying to come up with a new logo that really suits us.  I googled the kanji for miya and came across this cool site.  It features municipal flags from cities around Japan.  This flag for Fujinomiya in Shizuoka below incorporates a cool graphic version of the kanji for miya which is normally this:

and they turned it into this:

Fujinomiya (Shizuoka): the kanji miya inside a cherry blossom with Mt Fuji petals


very cool.  Check out the other flags at pinktentacle.


Happy Birthday Dad!

This past weekend, we celebrated Bob & June’s dad’s 80th birthday!

Haru-san and his wife, Masako, are officially retired from Miya but the joke is on them because now we make them watch all our kids!  Retirement is not as easy as it looks!  For those of you who are long time customers, you may remember speaking with Masako on the phone.  We still get calls from customers asking, “Where’s Masako?” She has quite a following.  Well, folks, she’s currently putting my youngest down for a nap.  I hope.

Aren’t they a nice looking couple?  And yes, that is Haru-san’s real hair and he does not dye it.  Bob hopes he will benefit from the youthful follicle gene.   Must be the clean living!  and pink coconut snow balls.  He used to love those.

And we can’t have a party without Veniero’s tirimisu cake from NYC.  We love Veniero’s!  We should make a special Veniero’s edition Miya platter just to hold the tirimisu cake.  I mean, look at this – we have a warehouse full of tableware and the cake is on a box!  Did we run out of plates, people??

Happy Birthday Haru-san!