Konnyaku is better than The Secret

The principle behind The Secret is that you have to put positive energy “out there” in order to receive positive energy.  Well, I must be doing it wrong.  Or maybe this positive energy helped us remember how wonderful Konnyaku and Shirataki are for a low calorie diet!

Konnyaku is a gel like food that is derived from the Konjac plant.  The corn of the plant is made into a flour which is mixed with water to create Konnyaku.  It is 97% water and the rest of it is pretty much just fiber.  It’s tasteless but if you throw it in some good broth or put some sauce over it, you’re still saving the calories you would normally eat from traditional pasta.  Konnyaku usually looks like white or grayish blocks of jelly.  But there are various types of konnyaku that are made in the shape of noodles.  You may have eaten some if you like Shabu Shabu or Sukiyaki.  It’s the grayish noodle that’s all curly and has no real taste.  The best part of konnyaku?  Almost ZERO calories.  And that it’s also been known to lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels.  And it’s wheat and gluten free.  But mostly, it’s ZERO calories!!!

Shirataki is literally, “white waterfall,” named after its appearance.  This is white konnyaku in noodle form.  There is a version in many U.S. supermarkets now that combine some tofu which adds more protein to the noodles.  They have them in the traditional Shirataki shape but they’ve expanded the shapes to include angel hair, spaghetti and fettucine.  This tofu version has about 20 calories per serving.

We’re currently trying out some konnyaku/shirataki recipes and we’ll see how it goes.  People have been eating it for 1500 years.  There must be something to it!  I’m just concerned that I’m going to get carried away and pour bbq sauce all over it justifying that the noodle part is low calorie.  Yes, that would be a problem.  Positive energy… Positive energy…






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