Potato, Miya, Leif

The name, “Miya” is short for Miyahira, the name of the company’s founder.  He, himself, was known as Mr. Miya, as he shortened his name to make it easier for non-Japanese people to say.  So it may be quicker to say but it’s still not that easy to pronounce.

It is pronounced “Mee-ya” although most people pronounce it like “Maya.”  In English, it makes sense to read it that way, of course, so no one is going to blame you for doing this.  We’re pretty used to being called the name of an ancient civilization (who knew a lot more than they should have.  A very interesting bunch…)

And it’s not that big of a deal.  I’m pretty sure we mispronounce most of our customers’ names when they are not of English (or Japanese) origin.  Feel free to correct us, by the way!

I mean, remember when Leif Garret was “Leaf” Garret?   People called him that for decades until I guess he finally decided to correct everyone.  Now he’s quite adamant that he’s “Layf” Garret…  (This is what I learned from watching Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.  Another interesting bunch, I might add.)   Why didn’t we know this?  I mean, did Kristy McNichol call him Leaf too?  Poor dude, all this time, tween girls calling out to him in the street or at concerts by the wrong name.  I mean, I feel bad for him for a lot of reasons but this is what I’m focusing on right now.  He sang too, right?  Maybe I’m thinking of Shaun Cassidy.

Anyway, so while we are quite happy with anyone calling us at all, just a note for anyone who might be into this sort of thing – it’s actually Mee-ya.


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