Blogging Blues

We’re a small business so when faced with the task of blogging regularly, I turned to my fellow Miya colleagues (Miya-ites?  Miya-mians? Miya-mis?) and asked if they would like to contribute to our blog.  I was met with the sound of lonely crickets.

The most interesting part of the business is really the buying trips in my opinion since one gets to see some great stuff before anyone else.  Bob, our fearless CEO (and also my fearful husband) goes on buying trips several times a year and he’s the one I rely on for great pictures and stories during his trips.

Well, Bob was just in China and Japan and he promised to get some good material for the blog.  As I browse the images he brought home I realize he has his priorities.  Here are some of his pictures.  See if you can find a theme….


and finally, it looks like he managed to go look for something we can sell in between his foodie crawls.

something we can actually sell.

welcome home Bob!

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