Our 1000 Cranes Project Update

We are so moved by the amount of support we have received for this project.  We started with a simple call to action on our website and added it to our Facebook page which in turn tweeted our post and added it as a status on my LinkedIn profile.  Yes, we knew the power of social media but we did not realize how many places this project would reach.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we have received crane images from around the world.  We have received images from our customers, friends, family members and complete strangers! One of our customers retweeted our message which led to the project being posted in a Flickr group which led to a barrage of some of the most beautiful images of cranes we have seen.  We have stories of people who heard about this through friends of friends – not just Facebook friends but real actual live friends!!

We have also received monetary donations from several people who wanted to do something to contribute more than just $5 per crane!  So I am happy to say that our final donation is $6560 because of the extra monetary donations we have received.  Thank you to everyone who sent in your checks as well.  That was unexpected and truly appreciated.

We had several submissions from kids who wanted to help.  I contacted my daughters’ schools and they were quick to take action.  I went in to teach the kids how to make a crane and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy but it was certainly worth the effort.  My friend, Cathy Choi, also took the initiative to contact her daughter’s art teacher who gathered 2nd & 3rd graders together so that Cathy could go in and teach them as well.   A friend of Cathy’s went to her daughter’s school and spent time with the kids to teach them about the cause and how to make the cranes.  I’m sure our experiences are all pretty similar.  The kids really got it.  They knew they were doing something to help other kids.  They were excited, happy and I think they did get something out of it.  Plus, they got to take home their cranes!  I heard of lot of “cool!” and “awesome!” exclamations from the kids when they pulled the wings gently apart to finish their cranes.  So thank you to all the parents and teachers who took the time to get the kids to participate.   Making an origami crane isn’t easy!

It was definitely a communal effort.  We had groups at churches that sent in their pictures.  There were groups of employees that got together at a company or store that took some time to participate.  So for people who say human interaction is dead, think again!

We received pictures of small cranes, giant cranes, origami paper cranes, newspaper cranes, outdoor cranes, indoor cranes, colorful cranes, subdued cranes, we got it all!

I mentioned on our Facebook page that there was another organization called StudentsRebuild.org that was collecting the actual cranes and donating $2 per crane.  I believe they raised about $500,000.  I hope some of you sent the images of your cranes to us and then sent the actual cranes to them to maximize your donation!  The Girl Scouts also took action collecting cranes.  My daughter’s troop gave me their pictures and then sent their cranes to the head office.  The Girl Scouts of America were sending their cranes to the Girl Scouts of Japan who had sent them 1000 cranes after 9/11.

So thank you all for joining in our effort to do something for the communities in Japan who have been affected by these events.  I know so many of us are still thinking about them and hoping we can do more.  But after my experience with this project, I am renewed with the feeling that there’s hope for humanity afterall!!

Our Project is Complete!

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