treasures from japan

Have you ever thought, if only there was an easier way to get the toilet paper to roll out of the holder!!

Me neither but someone has!  Hence this Korobe-kun (ko-ro-bay-kün).  “Koro koro” is the sound the rolling action makes.  “-Kun” is the suffix you add to a little boy’s name and often onto the names of inanimate objects that have some sort of cute functionality.  At first I thought it was “ba-kun” as in “bacon” and I got a little excited.  But no one needs bacon in the bathroom.  That’s gross.   And plus, I was wrong.

It comes in various colors and as you can see, the older couple is quite happy that some smart little whipper snapper came up with this idea.  And for only 3950 yen!  I love Japan.


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